Amenti Mystery School

The mission of Amenti Mystery School is to awaken you to the full potential of your holiness in the simplest most direct way possible.


Amenti Mystery School provides services and educational experiences that:

  • Develop the understanding and skill to live a soul-centered life.
  • Combine the best of the quantum field science, modern psychology, spiritual understanding and Noetic Science.
  • Teach courses that facilitate in-depth experiential learning in the ancient mysteries, spiritual science and Noetic field therapy.

The courses and classes of the Amenti Mystery School cover a wide range of experiential study and self awakening opportunities. The instructors, all involved personally in their own spiritual awakening, take great care in crafting exercises, group processes and environments for each individual to unfold their unique Soul expression this life time.

A partial list of courses of sudy include:

  • Noegenesis Mystery School
  • Spiritual Science I and II
  • Youth Wisdom School
  • Noetic Balancing Practitioner Training
  • Leadership Training

For a complete list of courses and classes visit the link below. And for more information email