Distance Energy Therapy

Living beings are permeated and surrounded by a universal energy field or aura. Noetic Field Therapy utilizes this force to precipitate changes in a person’s physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Because we are all connected through the Universal Energy Field, it is possible to detect an individual’s state-of-being across space. In my practice I have come to recognize that distance between healer and client is irrelevant, and that with practice and training, long distance healing is an effective tool in establishing balance and well-being in individuals.

The ability of the therapist to sense the energy field of the client, and the defects therein, is not limited by distance, nor is the therapist’s ability to focus energy. It is possible to give a very effective and beneficial distance healing treatment to a client in a remote location, even thousands of miles away. There will be times when it becomes necessary for long distance therapy, with certain clients who are often at remote locations or might have health problems and cannot come for an in-person treatment.

Distance healing treatments are conducted in a manner similar to in-person treatments. The work is done over the phone and a session lasts approximately 90 minutes. I recommend that you consider this healing time as sacred and set aside the space and time not to be disturbed.

Instructions for the Therapy Session

1. Prepare a comfortable place where you can rest uninterrupted and with minimal distractions.

2. Because we will be conversing during the session, set up your telephone so that you can easily speak and hear. A speakerphone or headset work best.

3. Prepare a candle in your therapy room that can burn during the session. Light the candle just prior to starting the therapy session.

4. Remove all metal you can from your body along with your shoes. If there is metal you can’t remove, let me know.

5. If necessary, have a sheet or blanket to keep you comfortable and warm.

6. At the designated time, I will call you to begin the session.

7. During the session, just relax. There is nothing special for you to. You may be aware that something is taking place. You may have thoughts or feelings that pop up along with sensations such as warmth, pressure, or tingling. If necessary, we can take a bathroom break.

8. Be aware that during the three days following the session you will continue to balance.