Foot Prints of Eternity

We are woven together into a whole. Somewhat unconscious, at first, we move along the face of eternity looking for an image of ourselves, to know ourselves. A foot print.

What motivates us? How does the universe enfold itself into an individual? How does holiness unfold itself into human form? We look inward through the undulating patterns of light and sound and outward into the reflection of self in the multiform drama of life. We are a deep mystery. Illumination only deepens the mystery. Enlightenment give us truth, but no language. For lack of a language by which we can articulate the encrypted nuances of the fabric of self, we simply claim that we walk this earth as holiness, finding its way home.

At first, we want to know why we suffer. Then, we realize that suffering is our way of realizing that there is more to our humanity than this painful smallness. In a sense, it is God’s fault. We will not rest until we actualize the God-quality within us.

The quest for wealth, power, safety and security are temporary distractions from self. They do not satisfy the need to love and be loved. They do not solve the fear. Only love answers all, awakening the sleeping places, the remembrance of home.

The lurking shadows are not demons or enemies. They are emissaries of our forgotten virtues and noble selves seeking their creator: seeking wholeness, union, promises of the One. Love is the source of all truth. Truth reveals itself through the ruthless surrender to love. We must be fearless.

Our great deeds do not make us great or safe. They reveal. They are testament to an innate truth. Claiming our greatness is not fame. Fame is the reminder. It is an image on a mirror: a reflection. Look through the glass, through the darkness, face to face. Truth.

Not the truth that struts in our righteous postures, and addictions to our fine thoughts. Rather, the truth that weaves itself through our tragedies and triumphs, that whispers to us in the soft folds of our hearts. When all is said and done, we will reflect upon our sojourn, and say: “Eternity walked here.”

Excerpt from: Foot Prints of Eternity: A Primer For Noetic Psychology, Robert D. Waterman, EdD