Your Purpose – Your Beliefs

We live in chaotic, challenging times. Inner peace, contentment, and fulfillment often elude us. The solutions to these times require that we think in new ways. The ability to change comes from infusing our survival instincts with an awareness of our eternity. Dare to be aware of the humanity around you. When we awaken to the holiness within ourselves, we see others through eyes made of soul. Our life is our guide.

Your Beliefs

The purpose of beliefs is to act as a filter, to sort out that which is relevant to us and what is not. Your Soul has a relationship with them and they have a purpose. Beliefs have a place in training us, like training wheels. A belief comes out of an intentionality, a reason, and is unconscious of the intention. A belief is karma, cause and effect. Karma drives your center. Karma holds your framework. Karma is not necessarily bad, such as your karma to eat. The goal is to to resolve karma faster than you make it and forming a loving relationship prevents the formation of Karma.

Beliefs help us function in the world, but don’t give your beliefs the job of defining who you are. Don’t let past beliefs control your present actions and thoughts. A belief can solidify into identity, which then becomes a problem. Now the belief no longer fills the intention. Ask how did you create a judgment that was against the intention? You will get insight. You make the belief aware of the intention and the intention will loosen the belief. Beliefs form energy blocks that are removed through self-forgiveness. Self-forgiveness brings love to a place where it wasn’t before. It transforms the spot. Once there, a different fulfillment will occur, deconstructing beliefs and images. This process continues until there is a feeling of fulfillment.

Don’t be trapped by beliefs. Every truth you talk about is temporary. A truth for this system may not be a truth for that system. It’s always a challenge. Put beliefs in perspective, deconstruct them, then re-center them. Enlightenment is eliminating beliefs. Dropping beliefs is like living in the present – not past or future. You can live without beliefs. Keep beliefs fluid and keep them from trapping you. Humanity requires shadow and negativity to function. Whatever your favorite belief, there is always something else. Look for yourself in relation to what is going on. When you have a revelation, you will immediately start making beliefs to put it in a context, to make it concrete. To evaluate anything, we have to have something to measure it by, such as a moral code. We need something immeasurable to measure it by. Have a sense of essence whatever you look at. Whatever we are protecting is going to cause us trouble. Bad beliefs were simply the best beliefs at the time. Don’t be angry at your beliefs, put them in context. The way we are made is to win, to fulfill. Stuff comes up. No need to pay attention to it, just let it handle itself. By evaluating everything your progress is stopped. You don’t need to know the content.

Energy healing, a form of alternative medicine, balances the human aura or energy field.

“First, you know, a new theory is attacked as absurd; then it is
admitted to be true, but obvious and insignificant; finally it is seen
to be so important that its adversaries claim that they themselves discovered it.”

– William James, Pragmatism, 1907

Your Purpose

God has taken form in you. There are two kinds of holiness, consciousness of itself and universal. The path is to create an individual awareness of its universal loving. Put your flow of holiness on a journey, intentionally driving it to universal loving. Become conscious of ourselves as part of the universal holiness. The only lesson on Earth is to know who you are as things in life happen to you. Love yourself; empathize with yourself. Your soul has an intentional relationship with what’s happening. Life is one of trials and tribulations. Everything is a stage, a step on your way to fulfillment. Everything is necessary. Don’t say what is wrong with me, because it stops learning. Align with your problems, you don’t need to figure them out. Don’t make problems “bad.” Accept them as part of you. Your task is to awaken your soul to your ego. Let ego do it’s thing. It helps us go to our purpose.

The duality of physical life oscillates from one side to the other. That’s life. Admire the shifts and honor your life, progress, and history. When past events come up, respect and cherish them. That centers the pattern and puts it in Grace. Let things fly apart. What’s left is you. Your goal is to be fully awake, aware. Don’t set barriers. Don’t set goals that prevent awareness. Look at your relationship to your goal. If you love your goal, you will get there faster than if you hate yourself for not reaching your goal. Love yourself regardless of what you are experiencing. Pay attention to things in a loving way. Always believe that the level we are now on is great, for tomorrow we will be on another level. Refer back to your reference point and don’t stand still. As Don Juan said, when you have clarity, that’s your next adversary. Be in a soul-place, be in an awareness so that Grace can teach us as an experience. When you learn a truth, ask what’s the next truth? The purpose is to remind you of your inner Master, to remind you who you are.