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2017 Noetic Graduates
Who We Are

The Association of Noetic Practitioners is a professional organization that promotes the practice of Noetic Field Balancing and provides a resource directory of trained Noetic Practitioners for individuals interested in a Noetic Balancing Session.

Love Will Have Its' Way
Robert Waterman
What is Noetic Balancing?
Noetic Balancing

Noetic Balancing creates the opportunity for each individual to drop the ‘stories’ of their life and embody their Divine Self.  This unique protocol encompasses what is traditionally called the human ‘aura’ as well as levels beyond the personal auric field.  The ancients used similar techniques to awaken souls to their individual destinies. Today, Noetic Balancing merges the wisdom of those early wisdom schools with present day energy therapy modalities and clearing techniques.

Noetic refers to the greater reality of Self beyond the body. These unseen realities/dimensions contain the blueprint for living as a fully awake spiritual being while walking the earth. We are wired for holiness! Clearing the noetic field of what no longer serves the greater soul calling is a joyous process!

What Impacts Your Health?

We often think in terms of exercise, organic food, plenty of water and a good night’s sleep? But we are more than our physical body. We are multidimensional and our unseen bodies, commonly referred to as the etheric, emotional, mental and spiritual influence and shape the subtle energies that directly affect our well being.

The noetic nature of who you are – your spiritual mind – includes the spiritual dimensions beyond the body. The morphogenetic field that surrounds and permeates the physical body contain patterns that can shape your health in a positive way or create dis-ease and imbalance. Noetic Balancing, used by the ancient ones commonly called ‘aura balancing’, restores you to the matrix of unconditional loving that exists in you and around you to resolve issues in your energy field.

A Noetic Balancing session enables the client to resolve limiting beliefs, dissolve energy blocks, clarify psychological confusion, integrate spiritual dimensions and align mind, heart, body with your higher Divine blueprint.

Benefits of Noetic Balancing

The effects of a Noetic Balancing are often subtle but can be dramatic. The benefits can include:

  • reducing stress and anxiety

  • increasing your energy

  • improving your physical health and wellness

  • obtaining perceptual clarity

  • experiencing deep relaxation and bliss

  • receiving greater joy and confidence

  • gaining greater enthusiasm and ease in daily living

  • expanding your sense of well-being

  • awakening you to your holiness and assisting you toward the fulfillment of your spiritual promise

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