Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is a Noetic Practitioner/Balancer?

A Noetic Balancer is practitioner who has completed the required courses offered by the Amenti Mystery School. Currently this practice consists of a series of classes. The practitioner has completed the Noegenesis Mystery School with Robert Waterman, or Spiritual Science One and Two with Rebecca Skeele, and the Noetic Balancer Practitioner course.

2. How is Noetic Balancing different or similar to aura balancing?

The technique of Noetic Balancing developed from the original practice called Aura Balancing developed by Neva Dell Hunter, Ellavivian Power and John Clarke McDougal at Quimby Center. The original technique used a pendulum to balance the energy field (aura) surrounding the body as a preventative to disease and a psychological integration and spiritual alignment. As the practice evolved, it was apparent that the balancing occurs through a shift in reality based on spiritual mind and the expression of living love out of Source. Using the term noetic implies that balancing occurs primarily through the presence of a higher state of being and secondarily through technique. The balancing approach was inspired by the work of Phineus Parkhurst Quimby a transcendentalist healer from Maine. His approach more closely reflects  the noetic terminology.

3. What can I expect from a Noetic Balancing?

The term expect implies control of an outcome base on preconception, which is antithetical to the spiritual physics of the balancing process. On the otherhand, the client can anticipate life changes. The outcome of a balancing may yield profound changes and healing or nothing. It is best to expect nothing, which opens the way to be given a results that surpassed what you could have hoped for. The change most commonly experienced is greater well being, sense of center, self awareness as Soul, greater resiliency, clarity and spiritual awareness.

4. How often should I receive a balancing?

Initially the first three sessions can be as often as two weeks apart. After that, 6 to 12 months can be very helpful, especially in today’s chaotic world.

5. What are the common reasons to seek a Noetic Balancing?

Usually there is a sense by the client that change is needed and that a spiritualizing approach is needed.  Next to that, just about anything that will prompt an individual to seek help and to try something new. Sometimes people hope that a balancing with magically cure physical disease. Illness itself is a balancing process serving deeper transformational and actualizing needs of the client. These are often unconscious. The balancing can help the client resolve the karmic component of the illness which may or may not support physical cure. Using the illness as a mirror, the balancing can greatly assist the well-being and resiliency of the client on a mental, emotional and spiritual level.  Noetic balancing makes miracles welcome.

6. Can I receive a balancing long distance? If so how does that work?

Noetic Balancing can work powerfully at a distance. The approach may vary depending on the practitioner. There is a principle in quantum physics that “no cause is local.” In the subtle dimensions there is no distance as it relates to the balancing. We can touch the energy field or matrix shared with the client and see as clearly at a distance as when the individual is physically in the same space. The voice awareness provides the focus for the subtle connectedness.​